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Young Start-up Founders who changed the vision statement of business around the world

If you see across the world, there are lots surprising young entrepreneurs who might be very young to even work on a laptop or a tablet. Certainly they have changed the vision statement of the business and its strategies. They have also made it a strong point that age does not matter when you are on a spree to achieve the goals. If we talk about the age groups of these start-up founders, you are sure to get astonished hearing their stories of success.

In the recent times, we have been able to see such changes due to immense support from the government, start-up accelerators, other government bodies that encourage entrepreneurship, financial institutions, banks, enterprise-level organizations, enthusiast investors eyeing on the potential of the young minds, individuals who have been already making it big into the business world. When there is such a strong backbone of encouragement, the pave for the innovations also gets broadened.

We usually learn a lesson from the successful entrepreneurs, businesses, corporates and start-ups, but when you get to learn something interesting from young minds that is something cannot be described in words. Here, we will also highlight to some of the youngest start-up founders who made very big into the business world at such an adorable age:-

1. Mo’s Bows – At the age of 9 years, Moziah “Mo” Bridges started with a company that is selling handmade bowties along with other similar accessories in vibrant prints & colours. After getting huge response with the neck ties collection, he released a NBA collection completely inspired by NBA basketball team.

2. Botangle – As a kid, Erik Finman began investing in bitcoins at an age of 12 years. After he sold his first bitcoin investments in 2013, with $100,000he launched an online education company known as Botangle that facilitated frustrated students to find teachers over the video chats.

3. Lizzie Marie Cuisine – The 6 year old this young kid entrepreneur began selling homemade baked goods and has developed her own healthy recipes. Further, she found her company-Lizzie Marie Cuisine, since then she is a starof the WebMD Fit Channel’s series known as Healthy Cooking with Lizzie.

4. Ryan’s Toys Review – This 6 year old kid entrepreneur, Ryan is famous for reviewing the most popular toys on his YouTube channel and has earned $11 million in 2016.

5. Empower Orphans – In year 2005, at age 9, Neha Gupta dedicated to social entrepreneurship where she began selling handmade wine charms door-to-door from within her community. She used these profits to raise money for education and school books and helped covering the school costs for orphans initiated a non-profit organization named Empower Orphans.

6. Stinky Feet Gurlz – Asya Gonzalez launched her company- Stinky Feet Gurlz that designs, markets and sells 1940 inspired t-shirts and apparel at 13 years. The company donates a portion of every shirt sold to She’s worth it – a non-profit organization that she found. This organization is dedicated to end human trafficking and child sex slavery.

7. Rockstah Media – Farrhad Acidwala became the founder of his company-Rockstah Media at the age of 16. His entrepreneurial skills include web programming, designing and selling his first website. The net worth of his company was approx. $4 million in 2016.

8. Ollie’s Shop – Being a dyslexic child, Ollie Forsyth turned his weakness into his great advantage.He started his debut business venture known as Ollie’s Shopwhich was an online boutique that offered bracelets, cufflinks and trendy belts and other fashion-related accessories. Some of these accessories are even handcrafted by him.

These young start-up founders took up the challenge to do something new than the usual and have achieved success with their passion and dedication towards their start-up or idea that they have given the ignition. This is just a few that we have discussed but there are innumerable young entrepreneurs who have brought about a lot of changes in the global start-up ecosystem.

They have strongly proved that the age will never be a barrier when you have a zest for the innovation and hustling tendency. A lot of innovations have been initiated so far by some of the young entrepreneurs with a mind-set to do big. When you are determined to do something big, your way will automatically be set accordingly no matter what the situations or difficulties are prevailing. Many have changed the definition of business at such adorable age through social media to become one of the rising stars of the global start-up ecosystem. Many countries have come up with start-up acceleration programs at school level to support and encourage school children come up with unique ideas and bring about solutions to the people through their start-ups.

This is by far going to get even bigger, better and amazing when we will see more young talents on the platforms working on a particular solution but with their own way of solving an issue.

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